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Our Mission

In the past decade I’ve worked in many places and countless positions but always with the same objective. I would like to use my know-how to help persons with disability becoming a part of the group. A group of pupils, a group of students, a group of friends and a group of adults being integrated and equally successful in making a career.
Information technology has helped us achieve great and made us overcome barriers, in the same time, it has created new barriers and excluded some of us. One of the bigger challenges nowadays is to allow everyone equal access to knowledge and integrate different abilities in our workflow.
As IT manager I am ensuring the latest technology to be at the disposal of my customers and in my role as accessibility manager, I am ensuring that this technologies can be used by everyone, regardless their different possible disabilities.

Our services

Accessible material

Contact us for Adapting written material to Braille, creating tactile maps or providing AudioDescription for presentations and performances for Blind and low visioned. Texts and Information also can be translated in recorded sign language and suplemented with captions specially adapted for the needs of hearing impaired.


There are a great applications available to ether make content accessible or help content provider to add accessibility right into their products. Unfortunately not always applications work as expected or do not serve a particular purpos or usecase.
As we try to bring easy accessibility to the market, we sometimes meet the situation when it is easier or more cost effective to develope solutions our selfs.

Consulting,training and courses

The most know-how will not bring you forward, if you do not share.
We are providing training courses and offer consultance on any mater related to information technology used for or by persons with disabilities.
We espacially draw attention to communication skills and sensibuilisation when it comes to information adaptation for persons with sensory disability. Not only during our courses but in a large set of information material.

Event accessibility

Our services are focused on event visitor having the need of alternative formats for information aterial and event activities such as visual or hearing impaired as well as guests with physical hadicap.
We can provide accessible material as well as live speech to text services (captioning/subtitleing) and sign language interpretation for hearing impaired visitors.
We believe in always providing the best person suited for the job and type of service. Therefore we are cooperating with leading experts and a group of international specialists ensuring the perfect cooperation of your content and the requirements for persons with disability.